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Welcome to Beauty Sky

Beauty Sky is a unique health and luxury travel experience that will take you to the most vibrant and colorful city in Eastern Europe: Belgrade, Serbia. A place unlike any other, Belgrade is a metropolis rich with culture, and the home of the world’s top private clinics. Beauty Sky combines the absolute best Belgrade has to offer; first-class healthcare and beautification centers, luxury accommodation and VIP leisure activities. You design your own medical travel experience, we turn it into blissful reality.
“Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves. Improving your looks will make you feel better, give you more confidence and create a radiant glow that lets your true personality shine. Traveling with the purpose of upgrading yourself can be amazing, especially if you turn it into a holiday accompanied by lush accommodations and hedonism. It’s about beauty, health, personal growth, and enjoyment. Those are the ideals of Beauty Sky.”

- Hadas Jerafie
Our story
Beauty Sky was my dream. Now it has come true.

From growing up in sunny Herzliya, Israel to finding a special place in colorful Belgrade, Serbia, Hadas Jerafie was always fascinated by beauty, art, and aesthetics. A business visionary and successful entrepreneur, her life journey has taken her all around the world, from the Mediterranean to the coast of Johannesburg in South Africa and back to Europe. Once she discovered The Jewel of the Balkans - Belgrade - Hadas knew she found herself a new home. But not just that, as Belgrade was the perfect place to start a new venture in medical tourism: Beauty Sky.

As an experienced globetrotter with a keen eye for beautification methods, Hadas has always had an interest in the medical tourism industry. Serbia is a regional leader in that field, and its private medical facilities are in accordance with the highest global standards. People from all over the world travel to Belgrade for medical treatments, and the reasons are obvious: the quality of services is superb, there is a vast variety of innovative procedures to choose from and the prices are sensible and lower than those in Western countries.

With Beauty Sky, Hadas wanted to combine the experience of going to a private medical facility in Belgrade with travel and leisure, thus creating a custom-made luxurious journey for each client.

Dedication to providing exceptional services.

Health, beauty, and wellness. In a luxurious setting.
You’re not just traveling for medical procedures. You are going on an unforgettable retreat and coming back home improved, rested and empowered.
We are partners with private clinics that are regional and global industry leaders. Your safety, comfort, and well-being will be taken care of at all times.
Enjoy the ability to improve your health and well-being with a vast array of available medical treatments, ranging from minor procedures to those that are more demanding.
Excellence in hospitality
Your ideal retreat

Designed perfectly. Just for you.

Individual packages, crafted to satisfy your personal desires.
Feel free to create your ideal trip all by yourself, or allow us the honor of working with you to create an experience that is perfect to the very last detail.
Customer safety is the most important factor during surgical procedures. Skilled medical professionals will make sure you are getting the best pre-op and post-op care available.
The highest standard of medical services is available and sensible rates. Prices in the region are significantly lower than in Western nations, while the quality of services remains exquisite.

Enjoy an unforgettable journey.

Belgrade is a breathtaking location that has been attracting travelers for millennia. A cultural intersection whose vast heritage is matched only by its modern-day party scene and free spirit. An industrial center and a regional leader in private healthcare. It is the perfect setting for a holiday that brings together health, beautification, wellness, and hedonism.