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Welcome to Beauty Sky

Let us take you on a journey of self-improvement, empowerment, and relaxation.
The highest standard in health, beauty and wellness treatments accompanied by exclusive accommodation and leisure. We offer our clients individual all-inclusive medical service packages in the heart of Eastern Europe, the breathtaking and dynamic city of Belgrade.

Custom-Designed Care

Beauty Sky creates custom experiences based on the specific desires of each client. The duration of your stay, the amount and intensity of your treatments and the additional activities and experiences - it is all up to you. Beauty Sky will turn the medical holiday of your dreams into reality.

Luxury Accommodation

Our clients enjoy the best accommodation Belgrade has to offer. Luxurious, personalized and exclusive. Belgrade is the jewel of the Balkans. We want to make your stay an unforgettable one. Give into the pleasure of first-class services in breathtaking venues, where all your requests will be fulfilled.

Dedication to excellence.

High-end healthcare and beauty treatments at exceptional prices. Serbia is becoming a medical tourism hotspot, and the reason why is obvious: Belgrade is the home of renowned private clinics that offer affordable rates. Beauty Sky brings together these benefits with luxury holiday options, so our customers get the finest medical care while traveling the world.
You will be taken care of each step of the way. Belgrade is a city known for its hospitality, bustling nightlife and rich culture. Your comfort, happiness, and physical wellness are of the utmost importance. The world’s leading medical professionals are at your disposal. The most dynamic city in the Balkans awaits you with open arms.
All-Inclusive and Personalized
Each client can create their own personalized health and travel package. Innovative beautification solutions and the finest accommodation in Belgrade.
Sensible Pricing
Private clinics in Eastern Europe feature prices that are significantly lower than those in leading Western nations, with a level of services that is on par with the best in the world.
Superior Healthcare
Belgrade’s private medical facilities and wellness centers offer first-class services in accordance to the highest international standards.
Exclusive Accommodation
Our partner hotels are all about luxury, VIP services, and unmatched hospitality. Relax, rest and indulge in exclusive leisure activities and hedonism while enjoying a holiday experience.
Our Services
Eterna Clinic
Dental Cross
Colić Hospital
Accommodation, Spa & Relaxation
Feel Belgrade
Public House
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is the goal of Beauty Sky?
A. Our goal is to provide clients with the absolute best medical tourism and luxury travel experience using only top-notch world-renowned technology and lush accommodation.
Q. Is it safe to travel there for treatment?
A. Absolutely. Each of our clients can be sure that their health, personal safety, and wellness are taken care of at all times for the duration of their stay.
Q. What kind of prices should I expect?
A. Prices for medical procedures and beauty treatments in Serbia are much lower than those in Western countries, while the level of quality is superb.
Q. Why did you choose Belgrade?
A. The city chose us. We fell in love with Belgrade. It is an enticing, lively city that is also the home of the world’s leading private medical facilities.
Q. Will I have communication problems?
A. Our partners are fluent in English, as well as other languages, while our core team will help you with any language barriers you might face.
Q. Where will I be staying?
A. Our clients enjoy luxury accommodation at hotels in Belgrade that have been carefully selected based on exclusivity, VIP services, and uppermost comfort.

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